5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Employee Transportation

Staff Bus

Commuting to work every day in an ever hustle and bustle city like Lagos can be quite hectic and only a few have successfully hacked the plot.

If you can easily jump from one public transport to another and get to work in time, good! If you are driving to work and back, better! If your company has a staff bus, excellent!

Getting to work right on time and in the right frame of mind, every day can be an extreme sport that’s why we would recommend to every company to consider employee transportation. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Increase productivity.

Imagine getting on a bus heading to work and just a few bus stops the vehicle develops a fault, the conductor comes down, same with the driver and without saying a word both of them leaves in search of help to fix the bus, however, 15 minutes later they do not return and you realize they won’t be back anytime soon. Now, you have to search for another bus, maybe pay extra to get to work and make up for time lost during office hours.

The truth is stressed-out employees are always distracted and this can have a negative effect on productivity. Eliminating the stress of getting to work because of structures put in place can lead to an instant productivity boost as employees will always get to work right in time and without the day to day challenges faced by commuters

2. Promote workplace happiness

Taking off the burden of getting to work from employees will ensure they turn up to the office with one less worry making them happier. Historically, is a strong correlation between wealth and happiness meaning, happy employees will turn on the turbines to ensure meaningful and efficient work is done at all times.

3. Fosters employee relationships and satisfaction

From time to time we all get engrossed in our work and might only relate with a few teams across the company meaning if the company is middle-sized or large-sized we might not get to interact with everyone in the office.

However, the staff transport or bus is a great place to meet someone new to the team or someone you won’t likely meet until there is a general meeting. People can become office buddies by having a chat on their way to work or back after a day’s work.

Happiness, productivity, and meaningful work relationships bring about employee satisfaction on the job because they feel important and are excited about their jobs with less worry.

4. Employee safety and welfare

With increased general safety concerns it’s best advised as an employer, you consider employee transportation and staff bus for commute to and from work.

5. Saves cost

For companies looking to cut the cost of running a staff bus on a day to day basis, you’ll have less worries when you partner with Treepz. A fully serviced air-conditioned staff bus will be provided during the partnership and both the company and staff members will have zero worries about getting to work and back.

Still mulling over ideas on how to begin? Check out how we can make the process seamless for your company Remember, you can also plan corporate trips and events with us at Treepz.

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