All About the Plentywaka System Upgrade

All About the Plentywaka System Upgrade

We have some exciting news; Plentywaka is carrying out a system upgrade to better our user experience. The upgrade is going to last from November 22nd — December 2nd. During this period, riders will still be able to book rides and use Plentywaka.

The upgrade is going to result in improvements such as new buses, new routes, and a mobile app update. Keep following Plentywaka to find out more about the new buses and routes.

Features of the New App

  • A Referral System: We are thrilled to introduce our referral system. Riders can now get rewarded with points just for referring Plentywaka to their friends and family. These points will be collected in their Waka Purse which they can use to pay for trips.
  • Multiple Seat Booking: With our previous app, we had complaints about riders trying to book multiple seats for their friends on the bus. We listened and with this upgraded app, you can book as many seats as are available on the Plentywaka bus.
  • A Rating System: You can now rate your trip and submit feedback. This will help us keep track of our drivers and Vehicle Assistants and ensure that any complaints from your trip is attended to immediately.
  • Optimized Routing System: We have handled all errors and limitations related to routing in the previous app. The routing system of the upgraded Plentywaka app has been optimized to find the most cost-effective route for a better commute.
  • Wallet Payment: The Waka Purse will be available on the new app. This system allows riders load their e-wallet directly from their bank accounts and conveniently pay for rides.
  • Better User Experience: The bugs and errors in the previous app have been fixed so our riders can better navigate, book trips, and make payments on the Plentywaka app.

How To Get The New Plentywaka App

When the new app goes live on the 2nd of December, 2019 with the aforementioned features, all you have to do is update your Plentywaka App on either Playstore or the IOS store.

If you’re new to Plentywaka and would also like to enjoy these amazing features, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the app on Playstore or IOS store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Fund your wallet.
  4. Start your waka!

What to Expect During the System Upgrade

You will still be able to book rides and commute during the upgrade. However, you might experience some service disruptions and glitches on the app. Kindly bear with us and don’t hesitate to call our customer care line 07031966563 or shoot us a mail at info@plentywaka.com

Something Big is Coming!

After the system upgrade, we will be offering something exciting to our riders. All you have to do is:

  • Log into your Plentywaka app.
  • Fund your wallet with N2,000 and above.
  • Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to find out!
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