All You Need To Know About Our New Service; Logistics By Plentywaka

All You Need To Know About Our New Service; Logistics By Plentywaka

The Plentywaka core objectives of delivering better, quality, safer, affordable transport services that genuinely benefit riders at all times using technology have been our mission. This has led to the birth of the services we currently offer; Plentywaka Bus Service, Staff Bus Solutions, and our newest baby; Logistics By Plentywaka.

LBP or “Logistics By Plentywaka” is an aggregator platform created to provide better, safer, and affordable logistics services to individuals. We are providing a much quality means of sending parcels from one location to another using simple technology.

Using the Plentywaka App, you can now send out any package you wish to deliver to any location within Lagos State at an affordable rate. Our platform provides different vehicle options to choose from. Our vehicle type includes delivery bikes, minivans, and trucks.

We are available to deliver your packages ranging from perishable foods, books, documents, electronics, home decor, clothing, musical instruments, sporting goods e.t.c

Lets’s call it the whatever-you-can-think-of delivery service.

Step By Step Details On How To Use Logistics By Plentywaka

Let’s walk you through the step-by-step details on how to use the service from start to finish.

  1. Download The Plentywaka App from either from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Register Your Email.


The Plentywaka App offers both two services; Plentywaka Bus service and Logistics by Plentywaka. Tap on the Logistics By Plentywaka to get Started.

4. Fill in Required Details

Here, kindly select the date and time you want the parcel to be picked up, delivered, and the delivery location.

5. Select Vehicle Type

Like we stated earlier, our platform has different vehicle types to choose from. They include bikes, Minivans, and Trucks. Kindly choose the vehicle type fit for your parcel.

Note: The location and vehicle type determines the price.

6. Input Delivery addresses and Parcel Details

Here, you input the address for pick up of the package, drop-off location, name, and the phone number of the receiver. Afterward, select the item category from the list provided.

7. Review Order summary

Take a quick look at all the details provided and tap on “process delivery”.

If you haven’t downloaded the Plentywaka App yet, do so to use this service. It is available now both on the IOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

We can’t wait to start moving your parcels!!

Logistics by Plentywaka is now looking for trusted partners and vehicle owners who will have the flexibility to earn money on their own schedule from an existing customer base of over 40,000 individuals and access to the technology infrastructure.

For more information on the driver partnership application, you can register your contact details via the following form.

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