Bus Hailing Service, Plentywaka Launches in Lagos

We are proud to announce that Plentywaka has now launched its first route: Ajah to CMS//CMS to Ajah and users can now download the app from the Play store and Apple store.

Plentywaka is a premium bus sharing solution designed to allow users schedule their rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destination.

With Plentywaka, you can avoid the rush, the noise, and other inconveniences, while you order a ride comfortably from the app. What is more interesting is, not only will you able to order your ride, you can book your preferred seat. For some, that’s a spot by the window and for some others, it’s a seat on the last row.

To start using Plentywaka, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the app on Playstore or App store
  2. Register with your Email

3. Enter your Pick Up and Drop Off Location

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You can enter any bus-stop between Ajah and CMS or CMS to Ajah and you will be able to see all the buses available and select which timing works for you.

This means, you can order a ride way ahead of time while you prepare to join the bus at your preferred bus-stop.

You will also be able to see how many seats are left in the bus and book your preferred seat.

Do note that buses wait time at each bus-stop for a rider is between 1–3 mins in order to avoid delays for the other riders.

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4. Once you click on ‘Reserve a Seat,’ you will be redirected to add your payment method as a first time user.

Here, you would also see the estimated duration for the ride and estimated bus fare.

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5. Add your payment method and you are all set.

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Guess what? Now is the best time to try Plentywaka and share your experience and feedback with us because the first set of 10,000 riders will be able to try the service for free with their first 2 trips on the Ajah-CMS//CMS — Ajah route.

Interested in also sponsoring Plentywaka?

Plentywaka is the first and only bus-hailing platform that creates an avenue for individuals to venture into the transportation industry by sponsoring project units and receiving returns at the end of their sponsorship. More details about sponsorships can be found on Crowdyvest, our platform that connects you to impact-driven opportunities with higher returns.

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