Cruising like Neymar: Elevate Your Experience with Treepz Luxury Car Rentals


<Cruise like Neymar with Treepz Luxury Car Rentals>

Cruise like Neymar as you discover the perfect ride for your next adventure with Treepz  premium car rentals.

Some might call them outrageous or extravagant, but Neymar’s recently revealed demands for his move to a Saudi football club are perfectly normal in a world where luxury meets speed and style.

And while football stars like Neymar can demand all the Bentleys and Aston Martins in the world, you can elevate your travel experience with Treepz Luxury car rentals. 

Imagine cruising the city streets or turning up at an event in a vehicle that mirrors Neymar’s style, turning heads with every twist and turn.

Treepz offers you the opportunity to experience the road like never before with high-end car rentals at affordable rates.

Cruising like Neymar: Elevate Your Experience with Treepz Luxury Car Rentals


In this article, you get the scoop on Neymar’s demands as well as how you can share in his luxury experience with Treepz.

The Neymar Connection

Neymar, the football sensation known for his elegance on the field and luxury lifestyle, demands nothing short of perfection in his pursuits. 

And his latest pursuit – a move to Asia’s most decorated football club, Al-Hilal FC, allegedly came with a string of demands according to The Sun.

Whilst Neymar won’t be the first or last European player to transfer to the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, he’s certainly the first to demand 8 luxury cars including a Bentley Continental GT, a Lamborghini Huracan, and an Aston Martin DBX. If fulfilled, these 3 cars will make Neymar’s existing enviable luxury fleet even more magnificent.

And that’s not all.


Along with a jaw-dropping weekly wage of £2.5 million, it was also reported that the forward demanded a 25-room lavishly furnished mansion with three saunas, and many more.

Just as he seeks excellence and luxury, Treepz strives to provide a seamless blend of opulence and performance, catering to those with a taste for the finer things in life with luxury car rentals.

At Treepz, we understand that each trip is unique, and so are the preferences of our guests. Our extensive fleet of luxury cars boasts a range of makes and models, ensuring that you find the perfect vehicle to match your desires. 

We are Africa’s leading car rental marketplace and we are fully operational in four countries across the continent; Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya.

Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway, a business trip, or simply want to experience the thrill of driving a high-end car, Treepz has you covered.

The Essence of Luxury Performance

There are numerous benefits of renting a luxury car, and top of the list is the exceptional performance.

Treepz luxury car rentals offer an unparalleled driving experience at affordable rental rates. For as low as $200 per day, you can experience what it’s like to slip into the plush seats of a meticulously designed interior, grab the steering wheel of a powerful machine, and feel the rush as you accelerate towards your destination. 

Our vehicles are properly maintained and equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and exhilarating ride every time.

Safety First

Treepz prioritises your safety on the road. We thoroughly inspect our luxury cars to ensure they are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. This way, you can be sure that your journey is not only stylish but also secure. 

A Personalised Touch

Treepz takes pride in offering a personalised experience to every guest. Just as Neymar’s distinct luxury taste and style set him apart, our tailored approach distinguishes us from the rest. 

Our customer service team is dedicated to understanding your preferences and needs, and steering you towards the perfect luxury car that aligns with your taste. We provide top-notch customer support around the clock.

Elevate Your Next Experience 

Whether you’re exploring a vibrant city or embarking on a scenic road trip, Treepz luxury car rentals allows you to elevate your journey. Channel your inner Neymar as you navigate the streets with finesse, turning every drive into an unforgettable memory. 

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you’re not just renting a car, but immersing yourself in a world of sophistication and elegance.

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Embrace the spirit of Neymar’s demands for luxury and choose Treepz for your luxury car rentals. 

With a fleet that combines luxury, performance, and safety, you can rest assured that your journey will be as exceptional as you are. You can also count on our dedicated customer support team for help whenever you need it.

Book your luxury car on the Treepz Guest app today in minutes and experience the thrill of cruising in style!

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