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Are you looking to earn some extra income by hosting your car on a car-rental marketplace? It’s a fantastic idea! Car-sharing platforms offer a convenient way for vehicle owners to monetize their unused cars. A recent report by Statista estimated the average revenue per user (ARPU) to amount to $52.71. By simple mathematics, you can earn as much as $1,500 dollars monthly, depending on your location, availability, and the type of car you listed. However, to attract more bookings and maximize your earning potential, it’s important to optimize your car listing. In this blog post, I will guide you through the essential steps to list your car on a car-rental marketplace effectively. 

1. Adopt great maintenance culture:  Start by ensuring your car is always clean. Wash, wax, and vacuum both inside and out and ensure regular maintenance checks of oil/fluid levels, tires, and car battery. 

2. Capture great pictures: Better pics result in more clicks, more clicks means more bookings. High-quality photos are indispensable for a successful car listing. Take pictures of your car from various angles, both exterior and interior. Ensure good lighting, and include shots of any unique features or exceptional amenities your car may have. Make sure you capture your entire car in the photos, without leaving out any parts. This way, guests can see the complete picture and appreciate your awesome ride! Here’s a pro tip: to take the best pictures, take a few steps back, about two to five steps, giving your car some breathing room around the edges. This will help create the perfect focus and highlight all the cool details of your vehicle. 

Showing samples of well-taken pictures and poorly-taken pictures of cars intended for a car rental marketplace

3. Provide detailed information: Be thorough when describing your car in your listing. Include all relevant details, such as the make, model, year, seating capacity, and any additional features or modifications. Here’s an example (feel free to copy and adapt it): 

“Welcome to my affordable Toyota Camry 2014! It’s the perfect choice for your next adventure. With seating for up to five passengers, it’s great for solo travelers or small groups. I’m a flexible host and can deliver the car anywhere you need. Extended hours are no problem, and I come with a friendly licensed driver. Special discount available for rentals of 1 week or more. Book now and let’s make your journey unforgettable!”

4. Set competitive pricing: Remember that people in your location are looking for cheaper cars for rent. Research your local market to determine competitive pricing for your vehicle. If you’re unsure, initially start with a slightly lower price to attract renters and build a positive reputation. As you gain more reviews and bookings, you can gradually adjust your pricing based on demand and supply dynamics. 

5. Highlight unique selling points: Stand out by emphasizing what sets your car apart. Do you have some luxury amenities like a large touchscreen for infotainment? Do you provide child seats or some special care for handicaps? Highlighting these unique selling points can attract more bookings and increase your chances of securing satisfied and repeat customers. 

6. Update your availability: Regularly update your car’s availability on the car-sharing platform’s calendar. Keep it accurate and up-to-date to avoid any confusion or disappointments for potential renters. Consistently monitoring your booking requests and responding promptly will enhance your reputation as a reliable car owner. 

7. Provide excellent customer service: Once you start getting bookings, it’s crucial to provide a stellar customer experience. Be responsive and friendly in your communication with renters. Ensure your car is well-maintained, clean, and ready for each booking. Consider leaving a small welcome package, such as bottled water or a phone charger, to add a personal touch. 

8. Build a strong reputation: Positive reviews and ratings are essential on car-rental platforms. Encourage renters to leave feedback and ratings after their experience. Delivering exceptional service and maintaining good communication will increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews. A strong reputation will attract more bookings and establish trust with potential renters. 

Following these steps to optimizing your car listing can attract more bookings on car-rental marketplaces and maximize your earning potential. Remember, consistency, reliability, and excellent customer service are crucial to building a successful car-rental business. 

Do you want to list your car now on a car-sharing marketplace? Africa’s biggest car-rental marketplace, Treepz offers a unique and reliable platform to list your cars. If you live in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, or Kenya, you can list your cars on Treepz, keeping in mind the simple hacks shared on this blog. 

So, why wait? Treepz is putting Africa’s 26 million vehicles to better use in the continent. Become a host on Treepz and start generating income by sharing it with others!

Some FAQs about the Treepz Marketplace.

Q1. What kind of cars can I list on Treepz? 

A1: Treepz accepts all types of cars. Your car will however be inspected for quality assurance. Ensure you get all your car documents ready and take quality pictures of your vehicles before listing. 

Q2. How do I sign up? 

A2: Download the Treepz host app from your play store or iOS. Tap on the host signup button and follow the process to complete your sign-up information. You will receive a verification email, enter the verification code to complete the process of signing up.

Q3. What happens after I sign up? 

A3: You will be directed to a page where you can begin the process of listing your vehicle(s). Follow the instructions to fill in all vehicle information requested. 

Q4. How many vehicles can I list on the platform? 

A4: There are no limits to the number of vehicles you can onboard. 

Need more support on listing your cars on Treepz? Our customer care team is also available to help.

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