How To Buy Affordable Bus Tickets Online Using The Plentywaka App

how to buy bus tickets online

If you have been searching for how to buy or book cheap bus tickets online or where to find the best bus travel deals, the city-to-city service on the Plentywaka mobile App is specifically designed for you. In this article, you would learn how to buy affordable bus tickets online using the Plentywaka App.

With the Plentywaka city-to-city service, you can find and purchase the best bus travel tickets while choosing from a variety of bus transportation companies listed on the Plentywaka mobile app. It saves you time, the stress of standing for long hours in the queue, and money because you get different options of travel deals to choose from. It is the go-to app for travelers moving by road.

Steps On How To Book Or Buy A Bus Travel Ticket

The first step is to download the Plentywaka mobile app either from your Google Playstore or iOS Appstore and create an account. When this is done, you can proceed with the following steps;

Fund your e-wallet (Wakapurse)

Your e-wallet is your personalized wallet. Simply fund with any amount you like and tap on City to city on the home page.

Fill In Travel Details

To fill in your travel details, select departure city, arrival city, travel date, the preferred number of seats, and select “start waka”

Select Preferred Bus Ticket Deals

Scroll through the available bus ticket deals from the list of bus travel companies available and tap on your most preferred bus ticket with the best price.

Input Your Travel Info

Fill in the correct travel information for yourself/ passenger and next of kin as requested on the app. Select preferred seat. 

Review your Booking Summary

Cross check all the details and tap on Complete Booking.

Good to go!

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