Lagos Traffic is About to Get Bearable With Treepz

Lekki - Epe Expressway

Daily Treepz-1, Lagos Traffic-0

What if we told you that we have cracked the code to beat Lagos traffic? Wait for it! With our revamped Daily Treepz features, your commute to work will never remain the same.

In some days, we will be bringing our heroes closer to your homes and offices through a more efficient booking and scheduling system. Some of you might have started noticing the changes already. So be it on your way to that job interview you have been preparing for, or just another day of trying to get to work on time, you can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your rides ahead of time with a hero (driver) you can trust! 

Heading to Eko Hotel, Marina, Lekki Phase 1 or any of the bus stops on our numerous routes? We are “matchmaking” and pairing you with reliable heroes that ply these routes every day so you never have to worry about not getting a ride.

Here’s why you should ditch any commute option that isn’t Treepz!

Comfy rides 

Your hero will most likely be driving a sedan car that takes a maximum of 4 passengers as opposed to the 13-seater bus or 26-seater coaster bus you are used to. Don’t fret, this is all part of our plan to have you navigating through Lagos traffic with ease, and of course, better legroom.

Private cars
Comfy Private Ride


With the growing insecurity in the country, safety is top of mind for us all. With Daily Treepz, your hero isn’t a stranger. You get full information on the itinerary of your trip starting from the vehicle details, the hero’s profile, time of departure, and ETA to your destination. Just like you, your hero is a 9-5 worker who takes the same route every day. We have strategically structured the system in such a way that it matches heroes with riders who take the same route on a daily basis. This means that 9 out of 10 times, your hero will pick the same set of riders so you never have to see strange faces in the car!

Heroes Profile

Say bye to long wait-times

Time, they say, is money so let’s talk about those long wait times you may have experienced in the past. Poof! They are long gone now. Just imagine scheduling Wednesday’s ride to work on Tuesday evening? That’s the kind of convenience that our new schedule feature offers you. All you have to do is pick a schedule on your app, meet up with your hero at the bus stop at the designated time, and hit the road! No more late-comer jokes for you!

Vibe in transit

When we thought about this revamp, the thought of you was paramount. What is a ride without cool vibes and conversations? From office palava,  to the hot gossip making the rounds or even football banter, there are heroes and riders who share similar interests as you! Daily Treepz in a 4-seater vehicle allows you to easily strike conversations with your hero or other riders onboard. We bet you couldn’t do this with everyone on a coaster bus right?

Ride Tribe


What’s more convenient than getting picked up from your bus stop and getting dropped off even closer to your office?  With the revamp, you can now establish great rapport with your hero and enjoy additional perks like having a preferred pickup point. No worries! As long as it’s on the designated route and your hero agrees, you’re good to go.

Rider on a Facetime with a Hero

We could go on and on, but we would rather have you experiencing this awesomeness yourself. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to download the Treepz app. You earn free Treepz credits every time you share your referral code or refer a worthy hero!

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