Plentywaka App Update; Sparkling New Features With V2.0.23

What’s better than good? Better! And that’s what we are bringing to you with the newly updated Plentywaka App (Version 2.0.23.)

The Plentywaka App has been updated with sparkling new features, fixed bugs, and improved overall user experience. These features are inspired by the feedback and requests we get from our amazing riders regularly. Yes, we have been listening and paying attention and will continuously do so because the goal is to make your waka experience with us the absolute best.

Let’s jump right into it. Shall we?

What’s New With Plentywaka Version 2.0.23?

  1. Logistics By Plentywaka
  2. New App Home Page
  3. New Bus Service Flow & Look
  4. Recent Waka
  5. New Ride Details and Ticket Display

Logistics By Plentywaka

It’s not just words we love to throw around when we talk about our plans for expansion and our determination to provide a reliable, efficient, and safe transportation system for people. This includes moving items from one place to another; Logistics.

We understand how stressful and tasking it can be sometimes to want to move or send a package from one place to another and you can’t find the perfect vehicle needed to move these items or worse still, items get destroyed before they are delivered. These possible scenarios and the need to give you a brand that sorts out most of your transportation needs led to the birth of LOGISTICS BY PLENTYWAKA. With this newly added service, you can move any package, no matter its fragility from one location to another.

Our platform is equipped with different delivery vehicles such as bikes, trucks e.t.c to choose from. So no matter what you have got to deliver, we gat you!

New Home Page

Who doesn’t love a good home interior design makeover? No one. Absolutely No one. With the introduction of our new service; Logistics By Plentywaka, we gave our homepage a new look, such that would help you select which of the Plentywaka services you would like to use.

With the new home screen, you have the option to select our bus/ ride-sharing service where you can take bus rides from one bus-stop to the other in comfort, stressfree, safety, and style or select Logistics by Plentywaka, where you can send out any package to be delivered anywhere within Lagos.

New Bus Service Flow & Look

Your worries about a faster means of completing bookings have been sorted out with the new bus service flow and look. From the bus service home screen, you can easily check your payment options, trips, referrals, and profiles.

Recent Waka

With this newly added feature ‘Recent Waka’, we have made it easier for you to view your previously booked and completed trips and even take a reverse journey to the same location without having to do that manually (as in typing each location in the search bar). Exciting yeah?

This means that riders can now select their previously booked ride in just one click. Let’s paint this scenario, you book a ride from Ajah to Lekki, the booking is saved and when you have to return back to the same location, you simply click the reverse icon to quickly get the nearest vehicle headed that way. That simple.

New Ride Detail and Ticket Display

We have redesigned the section that displays your ride details as well as ticket pages. You really need to check it out to see how cool it is. Trust us when we say it is super duper cool!

Join the new wave right now, by updating your Plentywaka App which is available now both on the IOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

If you need to revisit and find out more information about other features, click here.

Are there any extra features you’d love to see on Plentywaka? Drop a comment, we might include it in our next update.

Cheers to ‘upgraded’ beginnings!!

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