Plentywaka; The Journey So Far + New Changes In 2020

Plentywaka; The Journey So Far + New Changes In 2020

Plentywaka has experienced an amazing start in the transport business since its launch on the 16th of September 2019, all thanks to everyone who has seen, heard or used the bus service since it’s launch. We deliver premium vehicle services to make your waka easier and smooth. So, did we hit it off on a great start? Keep reading to see a review of the journey so far and new changes in 2020.

In 2019, you saw the launch of the business along with the App, which has greatly been upgraded from version 1.0 to 2.0 based on our commitment to deliver top-notch user experience and based on your feedback and requests. Read about the upgrade here.

In 4 months, we have completed an average of 20,000+ ride bookings monthly, moved an average of 1000+ riders daily from one trip to another and recorded more than 15,000+ downloads on our mobile app.

We kick-started operations first on the Ajah-CMS-Ajah route but have now launched a new route which is CMS to Eko Hotel roundabout. Now riders can book rides from CMS to Eko Hotel Roundabout easily while we make plans to expand to new routes especially towards the Lagos Mainland area.

We officially launched the Plentywaka Vehicle Partnership (PVP) to open up partnership opportunities for individuals that are interested in developing the transport system in Nigeria with an added advantage of earning money as a registered user on the platform. Find out more about how you can place your vehicle on our platform and earn over N500,000 monthly from your vehicle on our platform here.

What To Expect In 2020

This year, you can expect to see a big, upward and progressive shift in our actions, activities and overall service delivery. Grab a coffee, sit back, and take a deep dive into where we are headed in 2020:

New Routes Alert

We are expanding to more routes as promised to ensure a smooth ride from any bus stop you are in Lagos, to another. We will be extending the final destination of our pilot route from Abraham Adesanya to Awoyaya and we will also launch our services on the mainland. Expect more routes in Lagos.

Slight Changes In Fares

Effective from the 6th of January, 2020, we will introduce flexible fares to accommodate high traffic and low traffic periods. What this means is that, as a result of the high traffic that occurs during the peak period, you may notice a slight fluctuation in the fare. Do not panic! This is to ensure that the drivers are well incentivized to come and pick you up at your bus-stop despite the traffic. Our goal is to ensure that no matter the level of traffic and the number of passengers looking to book a ride with us, we will still be available to get you to your destination.

Because we know that there are periods when the traffic is low, we have also adjusted our pricing system to reflect that. So, expect cheaper rates when you ride with us during low traffic periods.

Expansion To New States

With the Plentywaka Vehicle Partnership Scheme, we are sure to expand to other states in Nigeria because “More Vehicles, More Routes”. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the premium bus hailing service too, hence our plans to expand with new vehicles that would be launched. You can make money off this when you register your vehicle on our PVP platform. Click here to get started.

Additional Features On The App

We are an ever-growing and innovative company that would never relent at delivering the best of our services to you and this starts right from the moment you pick up your phone to book a ride with us. We added more features with the Plentywaka App 2.0 last year such as the referral system, multiple seat booking, and the WakaPurse to make payment easier and more comfortable. Expect even better features that would make ordering easier.

Have an idea/ feedback, send a mail to info@plentywaka.com

We couldn’t have recorded the numbers we have without YOU. Thank you for being a part of our 2019. We look forward to all 2020 has for us.

Plentywaka — move better!

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