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Young African on a Bus Trip to Work

The future of transportation is here on Africa’s No. 1 shared mobility platform, Treepz. Business Treepz, is a new service aimed at providing structured, accessible, and predictable transport options to businesses using technology. 

Most corporate organisations currently either have to bear the cost of transporting staff members to work and back on a lean budget or not even be a part of how their employees get to work in the morning and back home after a day’s job. Parents at their respective offices know a school bus comes to the house to pick their kids up to school and take them back home -but with zero or less knowledge of what goes on during this transit period. Event managers, religious bodies. tour companies and partygoers still struggle in 2022 on how to convey individuals to centres where their occasions are happening. 

School Kid on a School Bus

Here’s how Treepz is changing the game;

A new website – Now anyone can order a bus tailored to their specific needs. Schools and corporate organisations can lift the burden of buying and maintaining a bus for their employees and students off their shoulders by simply going to the business Treepz website and choosing their preferences. Event organisers, tour companies and individuals can also hire a bus for whatever event they are planning to attend within 24hrs and it comes with a dedicated chauffeur to take care of their transportation needs for whatever time period they will be using the service. 

A new look website

An updated Treepz app for Tracking – Parents in the comfort of their offices can now know when their kids are picked up from home, where they are during the trip to school, when they arrive at school and when they are back home. The school can now track the number of kids on a particular route, when they are picked and when they arrive at school and back home. The driver also knows which street to pick up a kid and the exact drop-off location at all times. Businesses can now track how much they spend on transporting their staff members to work every month, staff members can sign in and out of the buses at all times, while tracking of the bus can be done when en route to the offices. Individuals and other organisers can always ensure a perfect headcount is done when moving to event centres and back.

Business Treepz has so far partnered with top organisations, startups and tour companies including Reddington Schools, Wakanow, and Tek Experts all in Nigeria, while the likes of Charter House (organisers of Miss Malaika) and MTN in Ghana have also enjoyed its service. The largest musical event in East Africa with close to 20,000 in attendance called the Nyege Nyege Music festival has also been powered by Treepz for transportation needs. In its pilot phase over the last 3 months, Business Treepz currently provides transportation for 2,000 children in schools daily while making provision for over 1,500 employees of companies similar to a staff bus solution while delivering optimal bus transport solutions backed by a constantly improved technology via the Treepz App. 

Tour Bus Experience

Relax and be taken care of – Business Treepz offers a chauffeur and covers all other costs involved in fulfilling a trip. All you need to do is to order a bus and be taken care of all through the journey. 

To get started, visit treepz.com/business_treepz.

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