This Week: Transport News In Brief

This week: Transport news in Brief

Welcome readers! Join us as we move around the continent to catch up on the latest transport updates!

Nigeria: Top 7 policies to be implemented in Lagos transport sector within the next 2 years

 The Lagos State Government recently announced its plans to introduce seven key transport policies within the next two years, aimed at improving traffic management, reducing travel time, and enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the Lagos transport system. Here are the highlights of the seven policies:

1. Fourth Mainland Bridge Construction: Completion of construction arrangements and contract award for the Fourth Mainland Bridge, aimed at reducing travel time and traffic congestion between Lekki Peninsula/Victoria Island and Ikorodu, and easing traffic on existing bridges. The project will also create jobs and promote development.

2. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): Implementation of ITS including a modern Traffic Control Centre, Area Traffic Control, CCTV for Automatic Incident Detection, and Variable Message Signs to enhance traffic management and reduce response times.

3. Expansion of “Cowry” Ticketing: Extending the ‘Cowry’ contactless ticketing system to all public transportation modes, with reloadable cards and mobile app integration to improve efficiency and user experience.

4. Lagos Transport Police: Establishment of the Lagos Transport Police in collaboration with the Nigeria Police to ensure the safety of transport users, operators, and infrastructure, and to oversee traffic and transport safety.

5. Vehicle Repair Workshop Star Rating System: Introduction of a star rating system for vehicle repair workshops, evaluating facilities based on quality and infrastructure, with a review of existing mechanic villages and roadside repair facilities.

6. CCTV Camera Installation: Increased deployment of CCTV cameras at key transportation points to support the Traffic Control Centre and improve traffic flow, road safety, and the commuter experience.

7. Annual Testing of Freight Vehicles: Enhancement of the Vehicle Inspection Service to conduct annual inspections of all Lagos State-registered freight vehicles, ensuring their integrity and compliance with safety standards.

Kenya: Relief for Motorists as MPs Drop 2.5% Motor Vehicle Tax Proposal

In response to the public outcry, the Kenyan government has scrapped the 2.5% motor tax from the Finance Bill 2024. The National Assembly Finance Committee, led by Kimani Kuria, proposed the removal on June 18, stating the tax’s lack of legal foundation under Section 3 of the Income Tax Act.

This decision follows widespread opposition from Kenyans and key stakeholders during a recent two-week public participation exercise. It is also a huge relief for motorists in Kenyans as they will not be required to pay motor vehicle tax starting July 1, 2024.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor these developments and their impacts on transportation across Africa. Let’s stay informed together!

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