Treepz takes Centre Stage At The Web Summit Qatar 2024

Treepz takes Centre Stage At The Web Summit Qatar 2024

The energy was electric at the recently concluded Web Summit Qatar, a global gathering of innovators and changemakers shaping the future. Amongst the impressive crowd was Treepz’s CEO, Onyeka Akumah, representing our commitment to transforming how people move in Africa.

The inaugural Web Summit Qatar, held from February 26 to 29, 2024, concluded with a resounding success, drawing a global audience of over 15,00 attendees from 118 countries.

                                Onyeka Akumah at the Web Summit Qatar 2024

The Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre buzzed with excitement as participants witnessed the latest innovations from 1,043 startups representing 81 nations.

Per The Peninsula Qatar, 10% of the participating startups hailed from Qatar, showcasing the nation’s burgeoning tech scene. Notably, 20% of participants originated from Africa, highlighting the summit’s commitment to fostering collaboration across the region.

           A glimpse of the attendees at the Web Summit Qatar 2024
A glimpse of the attendees at the Web Summit Qatar 2024

Beyond the impressive attendee figures, Web Summit Qatar attracted 401 investors, 148 partners, and 380 speakers, creating a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and business development. 

The event garnered extensive international media coverage, with nearly 900 tech journalists and media representatives present, cementing its position as a key player in the global tech landscape.

                          Treepz’s stand at the Web Summit Qatar 2024
Treepz’s stand at the Web Summit Qatar 2024

This successful debut establishes Web Summit Qatar as a major force for innovation and connection in the Middle East and Africa. The event’s impact is set to continue, fostering collaboration, investment, and the growth of the regional tech ecosystem.

Amplifying Treepz’s Vision on a Global Stage

The event served as a valuable platform for Treepz to showcase our innovative corporate mobility solutions and connect with industry leaders. From engaging in conversations with fellow entrepreneurs to participating in thought-provoking discussions, the event was a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Through active participation and insightful conversations, Onyeka successfully conveyed the transformative potential of Treepz’s corporate mobility platform, generating significant interest and brand awareness.

“It was truly inspiring to connect with fellow innovators and thought leaders at the inaugural Web Summit Qatar. The energy and enthusiasm surrounding the event were palpable, and I am confident that it will serve as a catalyst for further technological advancements and collaboration across the Middle East and Africa. Treepz is committed to playing a role in this exciting journey, and we look forward to witnessing the incredible potential that unfolds in the region.”

Onyeka Akumah, CEO & Co-Founder, Treepz.

Why Web Summit Qatar Mattered For Treepz 

Web Summit Qatar’s focus on fostering meaningful connections aligns perfectly with Treepz’s core values of collaboration and building a strong community. Participating in this event offered several key benefits:

  1. Exposure to a global audience

Treepz gained valuable exposure to potential partners, investors, and customers from across the globe.

Web Summit Qatar
Mikel Obi and Patrice Evra discussing sports and technology at the Web Summit Qatar 2024
  1. Building strategic partnerships

Onyeka’s active participation facilitated discussions and connections with industry leaders, paving the way for potential collaborations.

Web Summit Qatar 2024
Onyeka with Adeola Ayoola (Famasi) and Omowumi Omidiji (ShopFawl) at the at the Web Summit Qatar 2024
  1. Sharing Treepz’s vision

The event provided a platform to share Treepz’s innovative approach to corporate mobility, sparking interest and generating positive brand recognition.

  1. Staying at the forefront of innovation

Web Summit Qatar’s focus on cutting-edge technologies allowed Treepz to stay informed about industry trends and connect with thought leaders shaping the future of mobility.

                                                       Burj AI Mana, Doha, Qatar

Beyond the connections and knowledge gained, Web Summit Qatar served as a powerful catalyst for inspiration. 

Witnessing the passion and dedication of other innovators reinforced Treepz’s commitment to building a more efficient and sustainable future for Africa’s transportation landscape.

Get Ready for the Future of Corporate Mobility in Africa 

This is just the beginning of Treepz’s exciting journey. We are constantly striving to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision of a smarter and more accessible transportation system for all. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and the exciting partnerships that emerge from these valuable connections.

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