Treepz Partners With Africa’s Biggest Music Festival; Nyege Nyege.

On 30th June 2022, we put pen to paper and signed a key agreement making Treepz Uganda the official transport partner for the Nyege Nyege festival.

NYEGE NYEGE is a massive music festival platforming underground music on the African Continent.

Considered Uganda’s most anticipated event on the annual social calendar, Nyege Nyege Festival has been at the centre of electronic music booming through East Africa with a very pivotal collective based in Kampala.

Happening from 15th to 18th September 2022 at a new location, Itanda Falls, Nyege Nyege will attract revellers from all walks of life from every corner of the continent.

Why the Partnership?

Located 105 km from Kampala city, the new home of the Nyege Nyege festival will require a reliable, organised, and experienced transport provider to transport people to and from Itanda falls.

With a dusty road and unexpected turns and twists, every social human will definitely require not just a reliable transport provider but also affordable.

That is where Treepz comes into the picture. The team at Treepz Uganda has a combined transport experience of 12+ years and has a record of 5-star reviews by big and small corporate entities that have relied on our transport services. Plus, Treepz is a go-to travel app for commuters, schools, staff and now event revellers.

For Nyege Nyege to partner with Treepz reflects the great consideration they have put in to ensure that every person attending the festival gets an experience of a lifetime. Treepz Uganda will ensure transport is provided for, reliable and affordable.

The fares

The transport fares to Nyege Nyege Festival have been well calculated to the bare minimum. For instance, an early bird fare from Kampala to Itanda falls is just 25,000Ugx ($6.5), while an Airport pickup from Entebbe Airport to Itanda is only 50,000Ugx ($13).

And if sleeping in Jinja town seems like something you have already, then you can count on Treepz vehicles to move you better at any hour of the day (even 2am) from the festival to your hotel.

Special parking iIn red box) has been gazetted for Treepz Buses.

The fare will enable access to a clean, well-serviced bus to deliver you to the festival venue in shape to enjoy your life.

How to pay for transport to Nyege Nyege

For authenticity purposes, you could check out the this link to know more on how to get to Nyege Nyege from different corners of the world.

What More

After two years of lockdown, this will be the most historic edition by far with a new location, fresh experiences, and a massive lineup of more than 300 artists from all over the world.

Festival tickets are being sold at the official website and transportation fares are being paid at the official transport link.


On December 1st 2021, Treepz, a mobility as a service (MaaS) provider launched in Uganda after acquiring Ugabus.com, Uganda’s pioneer bus aggregator. Ugabus had successfully disrupted public transport by offering a mobile app for booking inter-city bus tickets plus a bus management service for bus operators. We had attained product-market-fit.

After launching Treepz, we quickly started off to expand our market reach, scale our operations and deliver transportation on the continent that is accessible, fast and predictable.

I will be there. Will you?

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