Valentine’s Week: Love at Treepz

Valentine's Week: Love at Treepz

Love wasn’t confined to Valentine’s Day at Treepz this year! 

We had an entire Treepzstars Appreciation Week, a week filled with heartfelt gestures, fun activities, and unforgettable memories to celebrate the amazing people who make Treepz what it is.

We Started with Health Care Packages

We kicked off the week by partnering with Riqour to offer staff health check-ups. We believe in taking care of the well-being of our Treepzstars, both inside and outside the work environment.

Staff health check up ongoing at Treepz

Then Comes Goodies and Appreciation

Throughout the week, we showered our Treepzstars with heartfelt gifts and tokens of appreciation. From sweet treats to personalized items, these small gestures expressed our immense gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

Sweets and goodies at Treepz Valentine Week

It Rained Fun and Games

We had exciting games and office movie nights. Laughter filled the air as we bonded and created lasting memories together.

Fun and games with Treepzstars

We Ate to Our Fill

The week wouldn’t be complete without some delicious food! We treated our Treepzstars to various culinary delights, fueling their energy and fostering a sense of community.

Looking back, Treepzstars Appreciation Week was a beautiful bloom of love, laughter, and togetherness. 

We are incredibly grateful for our team, and we look forward to creating many more special moments together in the future!

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