We Have Partnered With Autochek & Expanding To New Routes In Lagos, Nigeria

This is good news for us and you have something to benefit too. We recently partnered with Africa’s 360-Degree Automative Solution, Autochek Nigeria. This partnership will enable all our heroes and intending partners to easily inspect their vehicles at any Autochek inspection center in Lagos, instead of coming to the Plentywaka HQ in Lekki.

Founded in 2020, Autochek’s 360-degree automotive solution offers technology-driven vehicle financing, warranty and maintenance services. With presence in  Nigeria and Ghana, the company also provides a strong network of after-sales services that preserves and eases vehicle ownership experience across Africa.

This partnership comes in the wake of plans to expand the Plentywaka Dailywaka ride-sharing service to over 7 new routes in a few days. The strategic alliance will facilitate hassle-free vehicle inspection and hire-purchase for prospective Plentywaka vehicle partners, within a short period of time.

As you must know, in the last 20 months we have completed over 355,000 rides and recently expanded our Dailywaka (In-city) service to include more vehicle options like mini-vans. This vehicle has been reintroduced in a bid to increase vehicle availability for our teeming number of riders as well as to help them split fares and avoid ridiculous surge fares and first/last mile issues for heroes (drivers).

Speaking on the partnership Onyeka Akumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Plentywaka said: “Just like Plentywaka, Autocheck Africa was born out of a need to disrupt an underutilised and unstructured industry. Now, a partner or hero on Plentywaka can onboard their vehicle within 30 minutes and even get vehicle financial assistance on request. Our values align and we are excited about the ease and flexibility that this partnership presents for all our vehicle partners across Africa starting with Nigeria.”

Speaking on the partnership, Etop Ikpe, Founder and CEO of Autochek added:  “This partnership presents a huge opportunity to empower Plentywaka’s vehicle partners through financing as well as enables us, at Autochek, to continue to fulfil our mission to enhance African consumers experience by creating a single marketplace for their automotive needs. By undergoing our 150-point check inspection and taking advantage of our routine maintenance service, Plentywaka’s vehicles are kept on the road in good conditions, thus keeping commuters safe whilst on the move.”

We are very excited about what this partnership will bring to us and just incase you are looking to onboard your vehicle so that you can join the league of heroes who make an extra income of over N250,000 monthly, this should be good news for you too. Onboarding only takes about 30 minutes and you can do it from the comfort of your area.

Feel like asking some more questions, you can drop a comment below, reach our customer service team on 0817100085 or leave us a message on any of our social media handles.

Until I come your way again with more good news, have a lovely Monday.

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